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About Virtual Traitors

Virtual Traitors is a Facebook reality game produced by Play Reality Games which is expected to launch in 2023. Inspired by the TV show, The Traitors, the game sees a group of Traitors infiltrate a group of Faithfuls as they battle it out to avoid murders and unmask the Traitors. Virtual Traitors is currently casting for Season 1.


Game Summary

All of the contestants enter the game. A few are selected to become the Traitors while the rest remain a Faithful. Faithful players need to eliminate all of the Traitors in the game to have a chance of winning. If any Traitor makes it to the end without being banished, then they will win.

The Traitors

At the start of the game, an undisclosed amount of players are selected to become The Traitors. At the end of each round, The Traitors meet in secret to select one Faithful to murder, and therefore eliminate from the game. At certain points in the game, The Traitors may be able to recruit a Faithful to become a Traitor. Traitors are only allowed to reveal themselves once they have been voted out by the majority at a Banishment Ceremony. The Traitors goal is to make it to the end and remain undetected by the Faithful. If they can manage to do that, they will win the game.

The Faithful

The goal of the Faithful is to figure out who the Traitors are and Banish them from the game. If there are only Faithful players left at the end of the game, then they will win.

Game Structure

The Breakfast Table

The Breakfast Table is the meeting area for all players at the start of each round. This is where everyone will find out who was murdered.

The Challenge Arena

The Challenge Arena provides players the opportunity to earn money for the prize pool. Some challenges may give players the opportunity to win the Protection Shield - a valuable amulet the protects a player from the next Banishment and Murder.

The Mansion

All players meet here before the Banishment Ceremony. There are several rooms within The Mansion where players can meet each other and discuss their options for Banishment. Players can split themselves across the rooms in smaller or larger groups, and may move between rooms as they please.

The Banishment Room

All players will discuss and cast a vote on who they think is a Traitor. This is the only opportunity that the Faithful have to eliminate a Traitor. The player who receives the most votes will be eliminated. It will then be revealed whether that player was a Faithful or a Traitor.

Traitors Tower

After the Banishment Ceremony, the Traitors will meet up at Traitors Tower to plot the murder of a Faithful. A Faithful cannot be murdered if they are in possession of the Protection Shield.

More details coming soon.

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