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The Choice Rules

All contestants are required to read and understand these rules prior to participating in the game.

1. The Game

a) During the game, contestants will participate in a series of elimination. The decision of elimination is determined by both a vote by the Contestants and a vote by the Public.

b) Contestants may participate in physical and intellectual challenges.

c) Contestants must follow Producer's directions and instructions when given.

d) Producer's reserve the right to change the frequency, times and details of challenges and/or elimination ceremonies at any given time, without notice.

e) The game may involve twists of plot and elements of surprise, all of which may not be revealed until after the commencement of production of the game or not at all.

f) Contestants acknowledge that by participating in a game such as this can and may be an extremely difficult experience, both physically and emotionally, and may be exposed to situations which cause, without limitation to, anxiety, discomfort, embarrassment, anger and/or shock. 


2. Participation

a) It is recommended that Contestants participate in challenges and elimination ceremonies where possible.

b) Frequent non-participation may, in Producer's sole discretion, result in disqualification from the game.

c) Producer's may, at any time and in their sole discretion, add, remove or replace Contestants, including if it determines that any Contestant is not mentally or physically fit to continue as a Contestant.

d) Contestants cannot tell anyone else that they have been selected, or have the potential to be selected as a Contestant for The Choice. As soon as a Contestant has been officially introduced to the public, this rule no longer applies.

3. Communications

a) All conversations between Contestants must be monitored by Producer's ("Louisa Sky" and "Louis Guy" Facebook accounts). If a Contestant contacts another Contestant outside of Producer's supervision, the Contestant who had been contacted must report it to Producer's as soon as possible.

b) All Contestants must be Facebook friends with the "Louisa Sky" and "Louis Guy" Facebook accounts. Contestants are not permitted to be Facebook friends with each other until after the game is over, unless both Contestants have been eliminated.

c) Current Contestants can only contact eliminated contestants publically on the ‘The Choice’, 'Virtual Updates' and ‘Virtual Reality’ Facebook pages.

d) Contestants are not permitted to Block each other on Facebook.

e) Any conversations that Contestants take part in may and can be published to the public.

f) Contestants are not permitted to send screenshots unless requested by Producer's.

g) Contestants may interact privately with one or several other Contestants by sending a request to their relevant 'Confessional Room'. Once a request is sent, Producer's will strive to set up the conversation as soon as possible. It may take Producer's up to 24 hours to respond to a conversation request.

4. Privacy

a) Any photos or videos provided by Contestants become the sole property of Producer's which may be used and shared publically.

b) Contestants may be tagged in Facebook content throughout the game. Contestants are permitted to un-tag themselves if they wish to do so.

c) Contestants are likely to be judged by the public in a variety of different ways – sometimes good, sometimes bad, and therefore understand that by appearing in this game they may be exposed to: (i) a serious invasion of privacy; (ii) intentional or negligent infliction of emotional distress; (iii) defamation and (iv) public ridicule, humiliation or condemnation.

5. Challenges

a) A challenge is defined as a competition between Contestants or groups of Contestants with the purpose of determining the winner of the competition.

b) Challenges will have a set of instructions to which Contestants must adhere.

c) In the event that a challenge is interrupted or interfered with for any reason, whether by accident or on purpose, Producer's retain the sole right to decide whether to continue with the challenge or reschedule, restart, revise, cancel or rehold the challenge, from the point of interruption or interference or from the beginning or any other point of the challenge.

d) All decisions regarding how challenges are conducted or how the winners of challenges are determined are at the sole discretion of Producer's, and are not subject to appeal or review. Producer's also retain the right to remove any Contestant from any challenge in the event that such Contestant intentionally or unintentionally fails to adhere to the rules of the challenge or improperly interferes with others' participation in the challenge, or for any reason whatsoever.

6. Immunity

a) Some of the challenges will be designated to have immunity as its prize. As per the game format, one male and one female will win immunity per round. There may be some rounds where no immunity can be won. There will be no more than one immunity challenge per round.

b) Immune contestants must still vote against one other contestant at the applicable elimination ceremony, but cannot have a vote returned against him or her.

c) Immunity won through challenges lasts for one elimination ceremony only.

d) A vote cast against an immune Contestant will be void, and a Contestant returning such a vote will be required to vote again for a non-immune Contestant.

e) Should any Contestant refuse to vote, he or she may suffer the following penalties to be determined in the sole discretion of Producer's: (i) ineligibility for immunity at the next elimination ceremony; (ii) disqualification from the game; (iii) a self-vote against he or she and/or (iv) any other penalty, the determination of which shall be subject to Producer's sole discretion.

7. Elimination Ceremonies and Voting Procedures

a) In Contestant voting rounds, if there is a tie between Contestants, then a second vote may be conducted in which all Contestants must vote to eliminate one of such tied Contestants. This voting process may continue until one and only one Contestant is chosen for elimination. If, however, there is a deadlock in the voting, then the following shall occur: the remaining, non-eliminated, non-tied, Contestants at the elimination ceremony have two minutes to discuss and decide, in an open forum, which of the tied Contestants should be eliminated. If a decision is reached by the remaining, non-eliminated, non-tied, Contestants, then the Contestant whom they have chosen for elimination is eliminated. On the other hand, if, after the two minute discussion, the remaining non-eliminated, non-tied, Contestants have not reached a decision as to which one of the tied Contestants should be eliminated, the following shall occur: the tied Contestants are now deemed to be immune from elimination at this elimination ceremony, and the remaining, non-eliminated, non-tied, Contestants (with sole exclusion of any Contestant who has been granted immunity for this elimination ceremony as a result of winning a challenge) must choose a numbered token from a bag. The Contestant who selects the 'elimination number' (which is pre-determined using is eliminated from the game.

8. Leaving the Game

a) Contestants may leave the game if: (i) Based on a public vote, the Contestant receives the least votes to save; (ii) based on a house vote, the Contestant receives the most votes for elimination; (iii) a Contestant contacts producers to inform them they are quitting the game and/or (iv) Producer's remove a Contestant from the game, in the Producer's sole discretion, for any reason whatsoever.

b) Contestant cannot officially quit the game during the middle of a vote. This includes house votes and public votes.

c) Contestants may be disqualified from the game in the sole discretion of Producer's, including, without limitation, for any of the following reasons:

(i) In the case of sharing or making any agreement to share all or any portion of the prize with any other Contestant or any relative of any Contestant or any representative of or person affiliated with another Contestant in any way.

(ii) In the case of willful impeding of the work of the production team.

(iii) In the case of misconduct or unlawful conduct (as determined by Producer's sole discretion) including but not limited to threatening harm, and repeated abusive/offensive language towards other Contestants, Producers or the viewing Public.

(iv) In the case of violating any rules of the game or disobeying instructions of Producer's.

9. The Prize

a) Contestants competing in The Choice have the opportunity to potentially win up to AU$150.00 (one hundred and fifty Australian Dollars).

b) Prize money will only be sent to the winner via PayPal (

c) Contestants are not permitted to make any agreement to share all or any portion of the prize with any other Contestant or any relative of any Contestant or any representative of or person affiliated with another Contestant in any way.

10. Enforcement of Rules / Modification to Rules

a) Enforcement of Rules will be at Producer's sole discretion. The breach of any Rule by a Contestant, may, in Producer's sole discretion, result in that Contestant's disqualification from the game.

b) Producer's reserve the right to change or modify the the Rules at any point during the game including, without limitation, at any point during a particular challenge or elimination ceremony, or at any other time, without limitation.

By participating in this game all Contestants acknowledge that they have read, and understood the foregoing rules, which may contain modifications to from versions of rules that they have previously received or read, and they agree to abide by and obey the foregoing rules (as they may be changed, modified or amended by Producer's in their sole discretion from time to time before production and at any point during production).

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