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Virtual Mole Rules

Basic Rules

There are 8 basic rules involved in playing Virtual Mole. By agreeing to take part in Virtual Mole, contestants are agreeing to abide by the rules.

  • All contestants must ALWAYS be monitored by Virtual Reality (the producers of Virtual Mole).

  • Quizzes are compulsory.

  • Elimination is decided by quiz results.

  • All assignments are compulsory (if contestants are available and online).

  • Contestants must fill out their 'Virtual Diary' every round.

  • Contestants must not act abusively towards any other contestant.

  • Contestants cannot quit the game during quizzes. They are permitted to quit at any other time.

  • If any contestant breaks the rules, they could be disqualified.


Leaving the Game

Contestants can leave the game in three ways:

  • Elimination.

       Based on a quiz results, the contestant with the least amount of points will be eliminated. If there is a tie, the contestant who

       submitted their answers the slowest will be eliminated.

  • Free Will.

       If a contestant wants to leave, they must first report to the producers of Virtual Mole and give their reasons for leaving.

  • Disqualification.

       We reserve the right to disqualify contestants at any time if they behave inappropriately, or breach a serious rule.


The Elimination Process

The contestant who comes last in a Quiz and reveals they know the least about the identity of the Virtual Mole is eliminated from the game. With contestants expecting the unexpected, an elimination can happen at any stage and there is no predictable structure dictating when this can happen. We reserve the right to change the frequency, times and details of quizzes and eliminations at any time.



All conversations between contestants must be monitored by “Littlesister Virtualchat” – Virtual Moles’s official Facebook accounts used to monitor activity between contestants. Therefore you must be Facebook friends with “Littlesister Virtualchat”  and must remain Facebook friends until the end of the season.


If a contestant contacts another contestant outside of “Littlesister Virtualchat's” supervision, you MUST report it to us immediately. We want this game to be as fair as possible for all contestants, so contacting another contestant outside of our supervision is a severe breach of the rules.


Current contestants may only contact eliminated contestants on the ‘Virtual Mole’, 'Virtual Updates' and ‘Virtual Reality’ Facebook pages.


Contestant Interactions

All contestants will be placed into a Facebook group conversation during the launch. There, contestants may discuss topics as a group. All conversations from this conversation may be published to the public.


Contestants may interact privately with one or several other contestants by sending a request to “Littlesister Virtualchat”. Once a request is sent, “Littlesister Virtualchat” will strive to set up the conversation as soon as possible. It may take up to 24 hours to respond to a conversation request.


Virtual Diaries

Every contestant must fill out a ‘Virtual Diary’ every round. Virtual Diary entries must be submitted before submitting quiz answers. Virtual Diaries allows contestants to type out every thought they have about challenges, contestants and their suspicions about the Virtual Mole.



Contestants cannot tell anyone else that they have been selected, or have the potential to be selected as a contestant for Virtual Mole unless it has been advertised by us. Breaching this rule may jeopardise a contestants spot in the game.


Once a contestant has been officially introduced to the public during the launch, this rule no longer applies.



Any photos or videos provided by a contestant to us may be used and shared publically.


Contestants will be tagged in content throughout the season. Contestants may un-tag themselves if they wish to do so.



Contestants may at times be required to send in a video. This adds a more personal touch between the game and our fans.


Facing the Public

Contestants will more than likely be judged by the public in many different ways – sometimes good, sometimes bad. Contestants must be prepared to receive both positive and negative feedback and opinions from Facebook users.



Contestants are NOT allowed to add each other as Facebook friends until after the season is over UNLESS both contestants have been eliminated. This prevents eliminated contestants from disrupting and/or influencing the game and the remaining contestants.


Eliminated contestants may be required to participate in an interview/s following their elimination.


Prize Money

The prize money is determined by assignments throughout the season. The currency of the prize money is Australian dollars. It can and will only be sent to the winner via PayPal (


REMEMBER: We reserve the right to change the rules at any time, without notice. Times of assignments, quizzes and eliminations may also change at any time without notice.

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