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Virtual Reality introduced the People Choice Awards in August 2013. During every quarter of the year, the public vote for their favourite choice in each of the five categories.


The five categories are:

  • Most Popular Reality Competition

  • Most Popular Reality Spin-Off Show

  • Most Popular Virtual Presenter

  • Most Popular Male Personality

  • Most Popular Female Personality


Although the People Choice Awards are run and managed by Virtual Reality, other people are welcome to nominate their own competition for an award. If you are interested in doing so, please contact us via our Facebook page - click here.


To view the nominees and winners of each category from each season, click on the categories image below.

Virtual Reality brings Reality TV Shows and converts them into a virtual format on Facebook, giving everyday Facebook users the chance to compete in their favourite TV Shows from the comfort of their own home. Established in 2012, Virtual Reality has succeeded and grown to become the virtual network to beat. With a long history of games, there is no shortage of entertainment for both our fans and contestants.


We constantly strive to provide quality gaming and viewing experiences, always updating and imporving our games. We want to give everyday Facebook users a chance to endure an online experience like no other, right from the comfort of their own home. Head over to our casting page to apply now for our games.

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