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Most Popular Female Personality


The category of "Most Popular Female Personality" was included from the first season of The People Choice Awards.


Season 1

Nominees: Shannon O'Halloran, Danielle Savoie, Simone Kennedy, Lori Bettridge, Jessica Johnson.

Winner: Simone Kennedy.


Season 2

Nominees: Marissa Crouch, Simone Kennedy, Fleur Rourke, Melissa Forbes, Jay Wright.

Winner: Simone Kennedy.


Season 3

Nominees: Simone Kennedy, Emma-Jane Skeers, Coralee Mary, Jade Cutts, Katisha Head.

Winner: Simone Kennedy.


Season 4

Nominees: Kylie Lynch, Cody-Lee Nicholson, Hayley Maron, Jessica Close, Amanda Durley.

Winner: Cody-Lee Nicholson.


Season 5

Nominees: Michelle Pithie, Amanda Durley, Leah Thomas, Erin Leslie, Simone Kennedy.

Winner: Erin Leslie.

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