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About The Choice

The Choice is a Facebook reality game produced by Virtual Reality which began on April 28, 2014. It has a new and original format produced by Virtual Reality. On November 19, 2015, it was announced that The Choice would be postponed until further notice. However, on April 3, 2016, Virtual Reality announced that would go ahead and is due to launch in 2016.

Game Summary

Fourteen contestants will battle it out in the ultimate Facebook reality game where many tough choices will have to be made. Each round, the contestants will need to fight to stay in the game, but the people they will need help from the most is… the opposite sex! That is because the guys will be voting off the girls, and the girls will be voting off the guys. However, this is not the only voting that will be happening. Every second round, the public will get to choose who goes. With drama sure to form, our contestants need to play a good social and strategic game to get to the end.

How the Game Works

Each round, two contestants will be eliminated; one male and one female. There will be two main components of the game each round. They are…

Each round there will be a challenge. During this challenge contestants will fight for an advantage in the game. Sometimes it will be safety, other times it will be something else.

At the end of each round, two contestants must go. One round the public will decide, the next round the contestants will decide. During the rounds that contestants vote, they must only cast a vote against people of the opposite sex. During the ceremony, one by one contestants will be called to receive a ‘Safety Token’. If they do not receive a safety token by the end of an elimination ceremony they will be eliminated from the game.

Outlined above are all of the basics that is to be known about The Choice. The rest will be revealed in time. But let’s just say it’s going to be a very interesting game.

Be sure to keep up to date with all of the conversations from within The Choice mansion by following Virtual Updates.

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