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About Virtual Apprentice

Virtual Apprentice is a Facebook reality game produced by Virtual Reality which began on May 23, 2013. Inspired by the Reality TV show, The Apprentice, Virtual Apprentice sees contestants compete against each other in a series of business-themed tasks. Their goal is to be recognised as the best person for the job and become the next Virtual Apprentice. On August 20, 2013, it was announced that Virtual Apprentice was axed and would not be returning for another season. However, on April 26, 2016, Virtual Reality announced that it had been renewed for another season and was going to be given a second chance. Virtual Apprenitce recently finished its second season.

Game Summary

During each round, two main events will happen:
1. The Task
2. The Boardroom

Contestants are split into two teams for tasks. When the game begins, each team will choose a team name. These names will be used throughout the season. Also, the teams have been pre-determined to balance the skills on each side.

The teams are given a series of business-themed tasks designed to test their skills in salesmanship, negotiation, leadership, teamwork and organisation. However, before a task begins, the teams each choose a project manager to act as the team leader for the duration of the task. Though, later in the season, the project manager might sometimes be chosen by ‘the boss’.

After completion of the task, the teams report back to the "boardroom.” Here, ‘the boss’ reveals the results and discusses the teams' performance, exposing flaws in the contestant’s strategies and personalities. The team members are usually first asked to comment on the performance of their team leader, and the team leaders are asked how their team members performed. Members of the winning team win immunity while the losing team are subjected to further detailed examination into their performance. After which, the team's project manager is required to choose two team members to accompany him or her into a final round of interrogation. These are normally the two poorest performing members of the team, but in practice the project manager may act treacherously and seek to remove more able members of the game, or make choices based on personality.

The discussions will often become acrimonious as each contestant tries to divert blame towards the others. Finally, ‘the boss’ dismisses one of the three with the catchphrase, "You're fired!", and that contestant is eliminated from the game.

The last remaining contestant will win the opportunity to work alongside the Virtual Reality production team and become the next Virtual Apprentice.

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