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About Virtual Big Brother

Virtual Big Brother is a Facebook reality game produced by Virtual Reality which began on May 23, 2012. Inspired by the Reality TV show, Big Brother, Virtual Big Brother sees contestants live together in a virtual house, cast nominations and face evictions.  Their goal is to be the last facemate left in the house and crowned the winner of Virtual Big Brother.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virtual Big Brother?

It is an online version of Big Brother (based on the Australian format) that is played on Facebook.


What is a facemate?

A facemate is like a housemate, but virtual. ‘Face’ came from the word ‘Facebook’ and ‘mate’ came from the word ‘housemate’. Hence, our contestants are called facemates.


How can I apply?

To apply, head over to our casting page for more details.


Are there any requirements to become a facemate?

You must check your Facebook at least once every 20 hours as that is the usual time limit Virtual Big Brother will give all facemates to reply to any messages. Facemates must also be at least 13 years of age and speak/understand English.


How does the competition work?

Every few days, nominations, evictions and other special twists will occur.


Nominations: Inspired by Big Brother Australia, facemates have to nominate two fellow facemates using 5 points. They can choose to nominate one person with 1 point and the other with 4 points OR they can nominate one person for 2 points and the other for 3 points. It’s totally up to them!


Evictions: Once nominations are complete, the facemates who have the highest total of nomination points will be up for eviction. To determine who will be evicted, the public will vote to save their favourite facemate. The facemate who receives the least votes to save will be evicted from the game. Eventually, we will be left with a winner.


Strikes: Three strikes, and you’re out – it’s as simple as that. Facemates may be given a strike for breaching rules of the game.


Will there be a prize for the winner?

This season, there will be a AU$100.00 prize. They will also go into our ‘Hall Of Fame’ photo album.


Where does the money from paid voting go?

Money received through paid voting pays off the winner's prize and goes towards the improvement of Virtual Reality.


Why was my comment or wall post deleted?

Virtual Big Brother does not tolerate trolls, spam or bullying. If you post inappropriate comments, you will risk being banned from the Facebook page.


And remember...

Virtual Big Brother can change the rules at any time! Be prepared for some interesting shocks and twists! Virtual Big Brother hopes everyone enjoys this game. At the end of the day, it’s something fun for everyone to get involved in on Facebook.

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